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Visa Change

Airport to Airport Visa Change

If you have a tourist visa in the UAE and wish to extend your stay, you can do so without having to travel back to your home country. The airport-to-airport visa change is the most cost-effective way to extend your current tourist visa. You will need to enter the departure terminal of a neighbouring country, without actually exiting the airport, and then fly back to the UAE. Upon your return, you will be issued another tourist visa, valid for 30 or 60 days. This visa change is available from both Sharjah and Dubai airports, and is applicable to most nationalities. Airport to airport visa change is the most commonly used form of visa change, and visas are usually issued within a few hours. However, delays may occur in rare cases if the visa application is flagged by security. This service is available on working days (Saturday to Thursday). Please contact us two days prior to the end of your visa, as the most important part is getting the flight tickets. If you find airport visa change too costly, you can also opt for our border-to-border visa change, also known as the Oman Visa change by bus.

Documents required A2A visa change (Airport visa change)

  • 1

    Passport copy (Scanned copy with 6 months validity*)

  • 2

    Passport size photograph

  • 3

    Guarantor’s visa page copy and Emirates Id copy.

  • 4

    Please speak with our agents for more clarifications on passport validity

Advantages of Airport to Airport Visa Change

  • Visa change passengers do not have to pay AED 2000 cash deposit at the airport.
  • No cash deposit for a new visa at the agency.
  • Easy and fastest processing.
  • Visa change passengers can wait for 24 to a max of 48 hours in the airport.


FlyOn Travel and Tourism LLC can help you obtain a 30-day visa change in a matter of hours. All you need to do is exit to the nearest GCC country, then return, and your new tourist visa will be ready for you with express processing.


The most popular choice is airport to airport, which entails the applicant travelling to a neighbouring GCC nation, returning to the airport, and having their visa processed in the meantime.

Q. Which visas can be renewed with the Airport to Airport visa change service ?

The short term, 30 days tourist and 60 days long term visas can be renewed by either opting for a visa change to Oman by Air Arabia.

Q. What all does the company provide for Airport to airport visa change?

Return Air tickets. We always check the ticket depending on costumers request. We have both Flydubai from Terminal 2 and Air Arabia in Sharjah Airport. Same day express visa. FlyOn Tours will be applying the tourist visa once the costumer exits and they confirms to our agent. Normally visas used to get approved within 3-4 hours. We have also faced delays if the visa application goes for blacklist check or security check which is very rare.