Standard Visa services

Standard Visa Services

We want you to know that if you apply to enter or remain in the UK, if your application is uncomplicated (for example, we can decide on it without needing additional information from you), it will be decided within our processing timelines (our customer service standards).

To deal with your application within the service standards, we need you to make sure that:

  • your application is made before your current visa expires.
  • your application is completed accurately.
  • you include any required photographs.
  • you provide evidence of funds to maintain yourself if required on the application form and guidance.
  • you enrol your biometric information and respond to any requests for further information by the dates we ask you.
  • when you attend your appointment at our commercial partner or Service and Support Centre, you submit the required documents with your application.
  • if your application is made on a paper form:
    • it is signed and dated and made on the correct form, submitting the required documents.
    • you have included the payment and any cheque is signed and dated for the full fee.